Central heating

If you are in any of the North London areas and need some assistance with your central heating system then the experienced team of engineers at HEAT-IN LTD will be happy help.

Although central heating systems have improved significantly in recent years, many of us live in homes where for one reason or another we still have the original boilers, back from perhaps the 70’s or 80’s. Many of these systems remain in good working order (even if they are not as efficient as more modern systems) and we have to make the most of them until we can afford that upgrade.

Whatever issues you have with your central heating, whether it’s an old system or a newer one, HEAT-IN LTD engineers possess the knowledge, experience and expertise to solve the problem.

Our Gas Safe registered team can install, repair and service any central heating service and will always carry out their work professionally whilst on your property and premises.

Take a look at the list below…we have it all covered!

• Replace and install hot water tanks
• Install and replace radiators (what ever make they are)
• Install unvented hot water cylinders (megaflo)
• Install thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s)
• Install a variety of underfloor heating systems
• Provide power flush service
• Install heating controls (timers, thermostats, programmers)
• Install water heaters
• full central heating installation

Please call us for more information on any of the above, or indeed if there is something we haven’t mentioned. Our prices are competitive and our work highly regarded.

CALL US ON : 07764 161 749


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